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Early Memory Diagnosis and Support Service (EMDASS)

If you are concerned about yourself or someone else close to you, a visit to the GP is important. Getting a diagnosis is key – it is the first step to receiving help. Your doctor may then refer you to the ‘Early Memory Diagnosis & Support Service’ team (a Hertfordshire NHS & Alzheimer’s Society partnership), who can offer home-based assessment and specialist advice and support for people with dementia and their carers.

Dementia-Friendly Hertfordshire: Your Guide To Local Initiatives

There are many organisations that provide dementia-friendly activities and groups for people living with dementia in Hertfordshire. These Dementia-friendly activities provide spaces in which people living with dementia needs are focused on. Dementia cafes and music groups can also provide a great place for Hertfordshire carers of people with dementia to meet one another and provide mutual support.

Singing for the Brain

Sessions take place throughout the County. Alternate Saturdays at Wyllyotts Centre 11 am to 12.30 pm.
Please contact Sharon Meakin 01707 265326

Living with or caring for someone with dementia

There is lots of help and support available to help those living with dementia stay in their own home and carry on living their life.

Contented Dementia Trust

The Contented Dementia Trust, formerly known as SPECAL, is an independent charitable organisation with an innovative approach to the care of people with dementia.

Getting care and support for Dementia

There may be ways you can receive help and support, either now or in the future. You may be eligible for financial support, while local groups and later care could provide the support you need.
0800 678 1602

Dementia guide

If you or someone you know is worried about becoming increasingly forgetful, particularly if they're older than 65, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of dementia. This site offers information for people with dementia and their families and friends. It aims to raise awareness of dementia, as well as help people create networks and better understand the impact of the condition.

Dementia UK

Dementia UK offers specialist one-to-one support and expert advice for people living with dementia.
0800 888 6678