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Health Talk

 PPG is hosting for the benefit of all Potters Bar patients

Health Talk Monday 15th April 7.15pm at United Reformed Church Living with an Ostomy – The Patients Perspective PPG is hosting for the benefit of all Potters Bar patients. We welcome members of Ostofriends to talk to us about their experiences of life with a stoma and the ostomates journey. There are many bowel conditions that could result in the patient needing to adapt to life with a temporary or permanent stoma, these include, but are not limited to, Bowel Cancer, Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis. The different types of stoma will be described as well as the lifestyle implications post-surgery and beyond. Information will be given about support available locally and from national organisations and on how to access the best information to manage the journey. “Ostofriends Stoma Support Group is made up of volunteers from the Potters Bar community. The evening will encompass various aspects ranging from reasons for Stoma formation & type, to exploration of lifestyle implications post-surgery. Ostofriends provide hints & tips on navigating this life changing situation whilst maintaining a positive outlook to make the best of life. There will be recounts of personal journeys & also an opportunity to explain to the audience the value of being part of a group who raise awareness, provide information & empathise with anyone who may find themselves on a similar path”.