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Carer Support

At Annandale Surgery we are here to support you as a Carer. Bernadette is our named Carers Champion. You can pre book GP and Nurse Appointments for yourself and for those that you care for.

Just let reception know that you are a carer when you book an appointment.

We appreciate that your health is important for you and the person that you care for and we offer all our carers a health check.

The Health Check consists of a few simple tests that will give you and your GP or health professional a clearer picture of your health in particular your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, a stroke or kidney disease. All the tests are simple to carry out, and there will be time to discuss the results with your GP or health professional afterwards.

If you wish to have this check please:

  • Make an appointment for a non fasting blood test. The blood samples taken will be Cholesterol, Glucose and a test to measure your kidney function.
  • Make an appointment with our Healthcare Assistants, Sandra or our practice nurse.
  • This appointment should be 7-10 days after your blood test.

At your appointment:

The Healthcare professional will discuss the results of your blood tests and what they mean.You’ll be asked some simple questions about your family history, and any medication you’re taking.

  • Your height, weight, ethnicity, activity levels and other lifestyle measures will be recorded.
  • Your blood pressure will be taken.
  • You’ll be given advice and support on maintaining good health, and on lifestyle changes that will help you to improve your health. Where appropriate you maybe offered medical treatments.

If you have any problems in your role as Carer please let us know.