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Our Clinics


Monday Afternoon Sister Orr

Thursday Morning Sister Orr

If you have asthma and require regular inhalers then you should have a review of your medication at least once a year. Sr Orr is trained in asthma management and will be able to assess, offer advice and answer any queries you have regarding your asthma. If you need a review, please advise a receptionist that you want to see a nurse for an asthma check and they will make you an appointment.

Blood Test Appointments

If a doctor has requested that you have an appointment for a blood test, appointments are available at the following times:

Monday08:30-10:30 (Phlebotomist from Barnet and Chase Farm Trust)
Wednesday08:30-10:30 (Healthcare Assistant)
Thursday09:30-10:00 (Healthcare Assistant)
Friday08:30-10:30 (Phlebotomist from Barnet and Chase Farm Trust and Healthcare assistant.)

Patients are requested when booking an appointment to state the name of the GP who requested the test or what tests are being requested.

For Fasting Blood Tests patients must have nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours prior to test. Only sips of water are allowed.

If you are booking a blood test away from the surgery, a blood test form must be taken. The results will then be sent to the GP.

Blood tests can also be taken at the following:

  • Barnet Hospital
    • Open 9:00 – 4:45pm for tests.
    • Phone 0207 443 9757 to book an appointment
  • Potters Bar
    • Tuesday and Wednesday’s from 08:00 – 12:30 for Warfarin Blood Tests.
    • Thursday and Friday for all other.
    • 01707 653286
  • Chase Farm Hospital
    • This is a walk in service.
    • Monday – Thursday 08:00 – 20:00
    • Friday 08:00 – 16:00
    • Phone 0207 443 9757 to book an appointment
Cervical Smears

The practice nurses provide a cervical cancer screening service. See national guidelines.

The test involves the nurse doing a vaginal examination and taking a sample of the cells on the surface of the neck of the womb (the cervix). The sample is then examined under the microscope at the lab.

The aim is to look for and identify cancer warning cells. If these are found then treatment can be organised to prevent cervical cancer ever developing.

To have your smear simply book an appointment with the practice nurses.


The surgery has access to two counselling services. Our counsellors provide a whole range of consulting techniques including supportive counselling, CBT, anger management and short course psychotherapy. Access to these services is a via a doctor’s referral.External Websites:

Counselling – NHS UK

Mental Health – NHS UK


Bullying UK


The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Cruse: Bereavement Counselling


If you have COPD and require regular inhalers then you should have a review of your medication at least once a year. Our nurses are trained in COPD management and will be able to review your requirements.

Most patients with COPD are also asked to have an annual check of their lungs using a machine called a spirometer. This involves blowing into a computer, with a nurse supervising you. This machine can then calculate how well your lungs are functioning.

The results of this test provide information which helps your doctor review your medication. If you need a review, please advise a receptionist that you want to see a nurse for a COPD check and they will make you an appointment.

External Websites:

Relieve your symptoms and Stop Smoking – Smoke Free

Quit smoking –

COPD explained – NHS UK

Diabetes Clinic
Tuesday MorningSister Orr
WednesdaySister Orr
Thursday MorningDr Selouk

The diabetes clinic offers advice and general health checks for patients with diabetes.
If you have diabetes, then you should have six monthly review of your condition at the surgery. Some patients, with more complex diabetes, have their annual review at a hospital staffed clinic, after referral by one of our clinicians.
Our doctors and nurses are trained in diabetes management and will be able to review your requirements.  It will be necessary to arrange a blood test, in advance of your diabetic appointment.

Our specialist diabetes team will provide you with support, regular reviews and the day-to-day care of your needs.

For more information please visit the websites below:

External Websites:

Diabetes UK 

Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation


Hypertension relates to High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure will cause no symptoms, or immediate problems, but it is a major risk factor for developing a serious cardiovascular disease (conditions that affect the functioning of the heart and the circulation of blood around the body), such as a stroke or heart disease.

If you are over 40, then we may ask to check your blood pressure to work out your risk score for developing heart disease or a stroke, which will involve organising a fasting blood test.  

If we discover your blood pressure is high,  the nurse/HCA will see you several times to establish whether this could be a problem and /or we may suggest you invest in your own blood pressure machine to do some home readings.

You maybe prescribed blood pressure or cholesterol tablets in order to keep you healthy for as long as possible.

The nurses are there to encourage and support you whilst making lifestyle changes. You can also be referred to The Local Health Club for a supervised exercise program if needed.

If you need medication we like to see you once or twice a year to check on your progress. If you experience any problems from any tablets we expect you to come and tell us so that we can address the situation.

External Sites:

High Blood Pressure Explained – NHS UK

Blood Pressure Association

British Heart Foundation

British Hypertension Society

Immunisation & Vaccinations

The surgery provides a range of immunisations and vaccinations including:

  • Childhood Immunisations
  • Contraceptive Injection
  • Flu Vaccination
  • Pneumovax Vaccination
  • Tetanus Vaccinations
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Vitamin B12 vaccinations